Shower Room Renovations

A shower room can provide you with a room that can be personalised to your exact tastes and requirements. Increasingly we are finding more and more of our customers are wanting us to install a shower room in their home as they very rarely use a bath.

These rooms can be a great addition to any modern home as they can be personalised to your exact requirements and specifications.

We offer a wide variety of bases, screens, showers and tiles to ensure that whatever you want in your new shower room we can help.

We have also had a great deal of experience when it comes to installing shower rooms or complete wet rooms and know of the many pitfalls to avoid in relation to ensuring the water is first of all contained in that room and secondly drains away properly.

We can also offer a full electrical service, so if you want to finish off your room with some ‘mood lighting’ then we’ve got that covered as well.

Finally, we understand how to properly extract the steam from a shower room to ensure that after your shower you can see the new ‘clean you’ in the mirror.

For more details on the shower rooms we offer please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link or give us a call on (0141) 779 3263.